China Develops Rapid Diagnostic TEST Strips For COVID-19

A research institute in China has developed a new test for COVID-19 which reduces the time from four hours to minutes.

This rapid new diagnostic test can detect the virus in Just 15 minutes.

To prevent the pandemic spread of the coronavirus a faster way to detect infected patients is badly needed for effective identification and isolation of infected patients.

Chinese researchers have generated paper strips that can easily detect the coronavirus antibody in just 15 minutes. The test strip has been proven to be effective after the clinical tests.

The company said that the strip may be available on the Chinese market soon. Two lines on a strip of paper may not seem particularly exceptional, but it could be the key to identify COVID-19.

This new technology comes from Taiwan research institute Academia Sinica. The company President James Liao said that the strips are not ready for the public yet because Taiwan has a low number of coronavirus cases.

Once the strips are assessed they can be administered at local clinics, making it easier to identify people with the virus.